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Why Did My Parrot Stop Talking

Why Did My Parrot Stop Talking:
No matter how long you have owned your parrot, you could definitely be taken by surprise if your normally talkative bird just stops talking one day. This can be more than surprising. It may be downright alarming.. What would cause your bird to stop talking? Is this a sign that there is something majorly wrong with your parrot?
There are actually numerous reasons why a bird may stop talking. Some of these are simple behavioral changes that come and go with age. Your parrot may go through phases when it just does not want to talk. Then, it may grow out of the phase and begin talking more than ever. There are also other reasons that can lead to a parrot stopping the chatter. Here are some of those reasons so that you can get to the root of your quiet bird’s behavior.
Reasons Why Your Parrot Isn’t Talking:

1. Stress can cause a parrot to stop talking. Consider your parrot’s environment and determine if there is something that has changed which could be causing the bird stress. Have you recently moved to a new residence? Have you moved your parrot’s cage to another room? Do you have different people living in your home? Any of these factors could lead to stress for your bird, which could make it become more quiet.
2. Are you spending time teaching your parrot new words and phrases? If not, your bird could actually become bored with the words it already knows. In these cases, it may just stop saying them. If you want to make sure your bird is talkative, you will need to take the time to teach it new words whenever you can so that it will always have something to say.
3. Fear can be another reason why a parrot may stop talking.. If your bird is fearful, then you will see other signs as well like fluffing its wings to make itself look larger and even fear related aggression. If your parrot is in fear that it could be harmed, you will want to change environments and behaviors to take away that fear.
4. A final reason why your parrot may stop talking is one related to health. Because your parrot has it ingrained in it to not show weakness, it will not let you know if it is sick. However, it may stop talking. In fact, this quietness can be the first sign of illness. If you think for any reason that your bird may be ill, you need to take it to an avian veterinarian soon.
When you notice that your normally chatty bird has stopped talking, do not panic. There are many reasons why this could happen. Many of those reasons can easily be managed. You will need to evaluate the situation and try to pinpoint why your parrot got quiet. It could be that it is simply bored.. It could be that there is something wrong health wise. It will be important for you to determine what is wrong so that you can correct the issue as soon as possible.

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