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BLC Mission Statement

To provide, foster and encourage networking opportunities, increased awareness, education, and higher standards in aviculture - including exhibiting and promoting ethical standards and goals in aviculture; encouraging humane and compassionate thinking, planning and action in the acquisition, handling, upkeep, general care and welfare of avian subjects; and in the transfer (foster/surrogate care, adoption, boarding etc.) or sale of avian subjects.

To exchange ideas, share knowledge, disseminate and address a broad range of topics and information about the avian species and subjects, to address topics concerning avian behavior and special needs, proper housing and habitats, diet, nutrition and grooming, to promote sound health and general well being of birds and the prevention and treatment of disorders and diseases common to avian subjects. To promote, foster and encourage ideas and efforts that help provide direct assistance and support for neglected, abandoned and/ or orphaned avian subjects.

Patricia Sund

President -Teresa Denton - Email Teresa
Vice President - Dean Swade - Email Dean
Secretary - Lois Eskowitz-Weinstein -
Treasurer - Jean Lee
Membership Secretary - Katie Calcasola
Assistant Membership Secretary - David Abrahamas
Corresponding Secretary -  Gloria Pope
Director of Education - Tony Silva - Email Tony

Board of Directors - Daria Feinsten
Board of Directors - Jen Budrock
Board of Directors - Shari Mijornick
Board of Directors - Cheryl Goldberg
Board of Directors - Nancy Wallace
Board of Directors - Rae Lastella

Sargent of Arms - Shawn Denton
Sanctuary Consultant - Debbie Huckaby of Birds of Paradise
Adoption and Rescue Director - Mimi Gryzmala - Email Mimi
Events and Outreach Director - Teresa Denton - Email Teresa
School and Scouts Liasion - Dean Swade - Email Dean
Legislation - Teresa Denton
Save the Wild Parrots - Daria Feinstein

South Florida Regional Director for AFA - Teresa Denton
AFA Delegate - Tony Silva - Email Tony
AFA Delegate - Mimi Gryzmala - Email Mimi

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Music in memory of our beloved bird friends Nina Bergman, Howard Voren, and Clive "Chippy" Waterhouse... "You now have your wings!"


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